Sustainable events from a different point of view

Even though we have already explained many times what sustainable events are, what their benefits are, why they should be held and how they should be held, today we have decided on a slightly different approach to which we want to present sustainability to you and to show her somewhat other side. That’s why we highlight a few things we want you to think about when thinking about sustainability.

1. Be aware of what sustainability is – sustainability is more than just recycling. Even the birds on the branches know that. If you’re thinking about sustainability, don’t think of it as an additional cost. Think about sustainability in the light of efficiency, investment, and investing in the future.

2. Think long-term – short-term sustainability makes no sense. Do nothing today to see tomorrow; if you don’t see results, you will stop. Forget about until. You do sustainable events because of a higher goal, because of the belief that things can be better in the future.

3. Accept the knowledge and experience of the younger generation – it happened to us quite a few times when older colleagues refused to accept the idea of sustainable events because they thought they knew how to organize events. There was no need to introduce changes. Wrong. You know how to manage them because you’ve organized a bunch of them. But be aware that times change, and trends change. What was five or even three years ago is no longer relevant. Embrace the opportunity for education and advancement. This is the only way we can create a quality future.

4. Measurability – did you organize a sustainable event? Great for you! But how do you prove it? It’s not just about reducing plastic or paper at the event; find a way to calculate CO2 emissions, put the difference between a “regular” and a sustainable event on paper, show numerically what you’ve done, show it with examples and be proud of yourself.

5. You don’t work sustainably because “everyone does it” – those who decide on a sustainable course of business must be aware that sustainability is an investment that we don’t make for ourselves, for our profit or because everyone else is doing it. Those who practice sustainability must practice it because they understand what it means and the difference we make with our actions. That’s precisely why you do it for the environment, society, and company culture, not for profit and trend.

6. Sustainability is the base, not an addition – when creating an event, we always advise our clients to think about sustainability from the very beginning. This will make it much easier for them to apply sustainability in their desired areas. When the whole concept is set, it’s more difficult. But it is not impossible.

7. Transparency and highlighting of what we do – transparency is a topic we always advocate, although it differs from that in our industry. Let’s show clients and visitors they can trust us and that agencies are not there to rip off clients. Also, you made a great event – don’t keep it to yourself. It’s not a matter of whether someone will copy you but of showing how it can be done and encouraging someone waiting for that encouragement.