CO2 emissions that we are not even aware of

We recently read an interesting article on the topic of harmful CO2 emissions. In that article, its authors pointed out that they found research that said the following: If you use your mobile device for just one hour a day for the whole year, it will emit more CO2 than two return flights on the London-Glasgow route.

Shocking. That’s precisely why we tried to single out a few more examples of CO2 emission that we didn’t know about or didn’t think about, but it’s certainly interesting and appears in our daily lives.

  • Water heating in a water heater – 70g CO2
  • One hour of LCD TV with a 32″ screen – 88g CO2
  • Driving 1.5 km in an average car – 710g CO2
  • Enjoying a steak during lunch or dinner – 2,000g CO2
  • One sent message – 0.014g CO2
  • A glass of water – 0.06g CO2
  • 1 email – 4g CO2
  • T-shirt ironing – 25g CO2
  • A cup of coffee – 23g CO2
  • A cup of coffee with milk – 55g CO2
  • 250g of strawberries produced in Croatia – 150g of CO2
  • Shower lasting 6 minutes – 550g CO2
  • Ice cream on a stick, which we eat on the day we bought it – 50g CO2
  • 1 kg of mixed household waste – 700 g of CO2
  • Litre of milk – 342g CO2
  • Physical book with thin covers – on average 1kg CO2
  • Bread – 1kg of CO2
  • A bottle of wine – on average 1,040g of CO2
  • 1 kg of rice – 4 kg of CO2
  • Swimming pool – 400t of CO2 annually

After we selected only about 20 examples, we see how everything around us emits CO”, even us. We don’t think about this data when we talk about sustainability, and it certainly has a very big impact on it. So let’s start thinking about how our daily behaviour contributes to CO2 emissions and try to reduce it.