Green Leaf Excellence Eco Standard Certificate


Green Leaf Excellence certifications are designed to certify sustainable events. We all love to be praised by someone for all those good things we’ve done, right? That’s why we wanted to encourage all the organizers to do good things. The more such events they organize and the more certificates they collect, the more clients will certainly recognize their commitment to the higher goal to which they are working.

Steps for obtaining GLE certificate:

The Sustainable Event Certificate

  • Designing the concept of the event
  • Seeking consultations regarding the change of the existing concept and the introduction of sustainable criteria
  • Reporting the event to the board for making a decision on a sustainable event
  • Organization of the event itself
  • Control by the committee on the spot
  • Preparation of documentation for obtaining a certificate
  • Making a positive or negative decision on sustainability at an existing event
  • Submission of documentation to the committee for sustainable events (if you received a positive decision)
  • Decision-making by the Sustainable Events Committee
  • Issuance of Green Leaf Excellence certificate

Certificate for a sustainable location or event accommodation

  • Arranging a preliminary meeting to check the location
  • Site tour by an educated EEE Event Manager
  • Preparation of documentation and evaluation of the comparison of the existing situation and the potential situation
  • Delivery of recommendations for a potential situation
  • Decision-making by the Sustainable Events Committee
  • Upon fulfilment of the conditions for the certificate, the creation of the Green Leaf Excellence certificate
  • Condition control once a year


Sustainable events are those that minimize the negative effects on society, the environment and the budget, while maximizing the positive ones. The managers of such events actually have the opportunity to inspire and encourage other people, including participants and all those who work in the organization of the event, to think about the way we live and work. For this reason, we encourage all those involved in the organization of events to think about their business and the way of organizing events, and to step with us towards a better and sustainable future.

Benefits of sustainable events:

Benefits of sustainable events for the managers

  • Reduced consumption of energy and electricity, fewer waste products and use of local food, which all lead to reduced costs
  • Positive reputation toward clients, consumers, potential consumers and event visitors
  • Increasing employee motivation, attracting a talented workforce and a higher retention rate
  • Better and stronger position within the community
  • Marketing advantages
  • Innovation – The focus is on products that are sustainable, which in itself requires innovative technologies and techniques that help efficient use of resources
  • Potential sponsors and a large audience that mentions the event due to environmental awareness

Benefits of sustainable events for participants

  • Customer satisfaction is increasing
  • Reliability
  • For customers, such an event is of greater value
  • They believe that such an event is better organized and that the organizer paid attention to details