Full-service Agency

What is the procedure for our full service?


Preliminary meeting or call

A meeting where we determine your wishes, and needs, define deadlines, and get to know you so that we can personalize the event as much as possible and make it special.


Confirmation for our concept creating service

We issue an invoice for our creative concept creation so our team can only focus on your project and put their best creativity and minds into it.


Concept creation

We develop the agreed topic and present it to you. After you have seen our ideas, you decide on the details and we finalize the concept and the cost sheet in order to start the realization of the event.


Preparations for the event

Now that everything is defined, we start the implementation of the project itself and agree on all the important details with the suppliers. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the details, but let yourself go while you expect a memorable event.


Event management

On the day of the event, we make sure that everything is in the best order so that your event goes well and remains in the best memory for all your visitors.


Post-event support

After the event, we do a full report on the event (what was great, what can be better next time, what is your CO2 emission and what we did about it), and if there are accompanying actions such as thank you cards or emails, or small gifts of attention for your visitors – we will do it all with a smile on our face.