How to make events more sustainable in post-pandemic conditions

Let’s not fool ourselves – events are really big polluters. Yes, we say that as a sustainable agency. Then everything is clear to you.

This pandemic stopped us all, but it also gave us an opportunity that will not happen again – how to do things differently and how to include sustainability in the entire process of the organization. The moment we were forced to start organizing online and hybrid events, technology forced us all to accelerate the development of the way we organize our events and to embrace technologies that were completely unimaginable to us before. Precisely for this reason, now is the ideal moment to see how we can use these technologies in the future, and how to improve the quality of our events and introduce sustainability.

The important fact is that we are aware of the change. We ask ourselves questions like – Is it really necessary to travel so much? And to waste such amounts of paper at conferences, but also at various other events? Do we need printed accreditations with all today’s technologies? The answer to all this is a big NO. There are alternatives that we warmly welcome and that we believe should remain.

Precisely for all these reasons, we decided to mention only a few examples of how to choose better and more sustainable practices in the future:

  • Hybrid and virtual events – do we have to mention the reduction of harmful gas emissions if travel is limited to more sustainable options or completely excluded?
  • Choosing sustainable locations – there aren’t many, but those that are sustainable really boast exceptional examples that all locations should aspire to.
  • Vegetarian catering – the inclusion of this type of catering contributes to sustainability for a number of reasons, but in addition to the above, the amount of food per participant must be controlled
  • The organization of events after the return to “normal” means exactly that – the initiation of new practices and experiences, and the decision to never return to the old paths of harmful events, which really have no place in our future.