Why sustainability is more important than ever

We in the Republic of Croatia really like to see what is being done outside at events and bring it home – that’s a fact. Precisely because of this, it is still not clear to us that we have not picked up sustainability and decided to apply it to the events that various organizers organize every day throughout Croatia. Perhaps your set of ignorance, inexperience, or something else is definitely decisive, but we are of the opinion that everything can be learned, and so is that.

That is why observing more and more corporate events that are going in a sustainable direction abroad, we really think that it is high time (perhaps it has already passed) to tackle this disease. We must be aware that the responsible way of doing business and the culture of the agency is something that is an increasingly important factor in the selection of partners by all our clients.

Taking into account the increasingly frequent protests on this topic, as well as the involvement of new generations in these issues, we must seriously understand that just talking in vain will not help us here. After all, it is also a bad base for the future of business. This is precisely why we believe that good education can really do wonders. If you don’t know where to start, you can always find more information in the Green Leaf Excellence certificate.

In fact, only one thing is important – that we do not fall into the trap of greenwashing. Such agencies are quickly exposed. This is also the most common trap that agencies fall into who, with insufficient knowledge, present their events as sustainable. When the client, who has knowledge of the mentioned area, scratches below the surface, he will see that it is just a marketing trick of the agency, and with this, the agency is doing itself great harm because it has lost a long-term relationship with the client, but at the same time it is bad marketing because he will spread the word. . Trust us, it will.

We have another problem here – if a client comes to an organizer who is not completely sure how to organize such an event, but presents himself as the greatest expert, the clients will see that it is not what they expected, and the opportunity for such events in the future is lost. . That is exactly why it is important to be educated and know what we are doing. My God, no one has yet been born who knew everything. So hire a consultant and carefree nurture the relationship with the client by getting more than expected.