The foundations of sustainable events

Nowadays, sustainability is one of the important topics that permeate the media, business processes, but also daily life of an individual. Eventful is an agency for which sustainability is important, and when organizing events, it places emphasis on sustainability in the segments in which it is possible, in order to contribute to the improvement of life, the success of the event, and, of course, overall sustainability. In order to succeed, we rely on 5 fundamental areas, which we certainly try to organize into a sustainable concept:

Location selection

When choosing a location, we take care of whether the location uses LED lighting, what kind of recycling system they have, whether they use natural materials when doing business, and providing the services we need for that event. In addition to the above, we are also thinking about the geographical location of the event location itself in order to reduce pollution as much as possible if people arrive at the location by car. If possible, we also organize the arrival of the guest to the location in order to exclude private cars from the equation. Guests can have fun without having to worry about having to drive home, and we’ve ensured less air pollution. Definitely a win-win situation, right?

Recycling at events

At the events, we try to make sure that there are various trash cans so that it does not happen that after the event plastic or paper is not separated and recycled. A bin for plastic, paper, or leftover food does not have to be ugly and ruin the look and experience of the event. There are various solutions, from sponsor branding to visuals that will complete the event so that the baskets are clearly marked, but not overly aggressive at the event.

Working with sustainable catering

People quite often don’t think about catering as an area where sustainability can be achieved very well. From sustainable cutlery to special plates that are later recycled, to researching where food comes from. If the catering focuses on local suppliers, it is on our list of suppliers we like to work with.

Goody bags

Every event visitor likes to receive a small gift when he comes to the event. It is in the shell nature. Instead of focusing on a ton of brochures, unnecessary brochures, or tiny branded plastic gifts that will end up in the trash anyway, our choice is sustainable gifts like shopping bags that can be used later for shopping, water bottles that can be reused later or maybe a plant or grain plants that visitors can plant and enjoy. It all depends on the type of event we are doing.

Reducing paper at events

As I already mentioned, we are trying to reduce the number of flyers, brochures, and similar things that visitors throw in the trash anyway. But sometimes this is not possible because of sponsors who want their brochures and leaflets to reach visitors. Of course, it is possible to achieve both. In today’s age of digital marketing and online communication, in the world of mobile applications and the majority of digital addressing to the audience, it is a priority to send such things to visitors or publish them in other ways. For things that have no other option than to be printed, such as participant names, the most sustainable method should always be chosen.