Multiple projects

Do you have more projects that you think have green potential? It's time to make them sustainable together!


Six months - 1 year



  • Personalized experience
  • You can bring team members so we can create solutions that all team members will understand
  • The personalized and complete solution for all events in one year which you want to make sustainable
  • Follow up before, during, and after the event for feedback on solutions and if there is something to the improvement.
  • The number of events determines the price through the year - more events, lesser price.
  • An initial audit* is required to determine the scope of your events on a yearly base.


*During the initial audit, we will determine the scope of your projects, check your creative concepts (if you have them), gather all the information about your projects, and deliver a detailed program and complete offer for yearly support of all your projects.

The project consultation price is determined based on the initial audit, and it's subtracted if we work on your project after the audit.


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