Event group

Want to focus on one group of sustainable events, but you don't need education, you need advice? We are here for you, no matter what problem you have.


Until we come up with a solution for one group for sustainable event management

1st Group - Up to 120 min

2nd Group - Up to 200 min

3rd Group - Up to 250 min


1st Group: Communication, Social aspects, Transport, Technology, Exhibition space (You choose one category)

2nd Group: Catering, Procurement (You choose one category)

3rd Group: Location and Accommodation (You choose one category)

After you decide which category you need consultations on, buy consultations for this group of categories.


  • Individual session
  • 1on1 session
  • The complete solution for 1 group of sustainable event management practice
  • Follow up before/after the event for feedback on solutions and if there is something for improvement


*In case you choose Eventful to be your consultant during your event or organize it, we subtract this fee from our overall fee.

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