Positive changes we encounter due to the coronavirus

At this very moment, we are all together aware of the fact that our everyday normal ends, and a new normal is born. Precisely for this reason, the business as we know it will change. Every change is difficult, but ultimately better for all of us, including our business. I have the impression that we needed something like this to shake us all up and wake us up from the dormant and repetitive state we were in until now and we’re doing our work in a good enough way. This is precisely why now is the time for creatives, innovators, and those who have the ability to adapt an “out of the box” way of thinking. But what is it that is actually changing?

Sustainability in all business segments

What we have been writing about for months – sustainability, will enter all spheres of business, not only in the way events should be organized. Using glass cups in the office will become an everyday thing, we will stop printing huge amounts of paper that end up in the trash anyway, sooner or later, companies will install bins that allow their employees to recycle, and more will be thought about the social aspect of business, etc.

A trend that has affected all industries – digitization

We are already witnessing the adaptation of companies that hold various types of seminars and business meetings from the comfort of their homes. Various webinars that we now have time for, and two months ago we might not have had, live concerts or exhibitions are just one click away from all of us, as well as our colleagues and friends that we haven’t seen for a while now.

New trends in the organization of events after the era of isolation

Everything is being adapted to the current situation, but let’s not forget that the generations have remained the same as before the quarantine. Let’s give people a step up so they can enjoy life as much as possible after so many days and months spent in quarantine. Event attendees in the new decade demand more than a standard agenda. Increasingly, they expect an experience that inspires and inspires them (with evidence they can share on social media). This new standard is a great opportunity for companies to take a closer look at the interests and lifestyles of their communities and offer visitors the opportunity to forget, at least for a moment, everything they experienced during the months of quarantine.

Be financially responsible

We are all aware that most companies have suffered a major financial blow to their operations, and that marketing budgets are shrinking. That’s why at this moment, the connection with your community, but also with new clients and product users, is more important than ever. Let them speak for you! Special experiences usually encourage excitement and camaraderie among clients and users, and therefore also on social networks because they create unforgettable moments that people love to share. This is perhaps the most significant way to collect referrals, which 95% of people say is the most effective form of promotion. If you take the time to make your event impressive, for your product to become recognizable due to its unique advantage, or for your service to become one that makes people’s everyday and business life easier – why not let clients and users speak for you?! You’d be surprised how much awareness growth you can achieve with this.